About us

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to live without light? Perhaps you’ve been on a tour through some famous caverns when the guide turned the lights out for a few minutes. Rarely do we ever experience such total darkness! Without light, you can see nothing. So what is light? Light is a kind of energy called electromagnetic radiation? This form of energy is also used in X-ray machines, microwave ovens, and radios. The electromagnetic radiation that we can see is called visible light. There’s a big history behind our progress. It started before 34 years from today when I was just in the higher secondary. I always wanted to do such a business which would provide me a lot amount of popularity as well as wealth. I started from nothing. It was a great struggle and too many hurdles to overcome. I haven’t slept many nights to complete my given job successfully and to provide the best quality work. I assured people that no one could provide a better quality than me. I got the idea of this business from my friends but frankly speaking I never got any bad suggestions from them though many of them were backstabbers. I started the business and when days passed I realized that I might be able to turn my passion into a viable business and something that my customers would absolutely love. I always look around for a creative environment around me as such I had to visit many places and experience good as well as bad aspects how to improve my quality of work. I always wanted to bring new innovations which could be very eye-catching as well as to spread a good moral by my work. I always seek help from my children as they belong from a new generation and they are a tech-freak. I adopted a recent practise of surfing search engines which are an ocean of new information. I personally have experienced such a lot amount of people in life that I can easily judge any one by his looks. This helped me to distinguish among my friend and foe. I started my work with few staff supporting my work now I am proud to say that I have a big fleet of staff all happily working under my supervision. So I always provide good staff to my customers so that they can fulfil my absence and can continue the work smoothly.

My vision about my business is to reach such a height of success so that I can be a popular figure in my state. I presently have 10 sound proof mobile generator vans which are to be doubled and if possible tripled in the next 5-10 years. My motivation comes from the increasing competition market in my field of trade. It gives me that fire in the belly which makes me hop out of bed bright and early each and every morning to work on my business. If I get support from the people then I assure that I can do any kind of quality job. My website will deliver you my latest work updates along with their photos and videos.